Check out our Q & A videos, where a UConn Graduate Student tackles some common questions about neurodiversity. She also highlights some campus resources to help you be successful in your courses and stay healthy and well!

Neurodiversity Q&A

Q: How do I know if I am neurodiverse? Are there any quizzes or screens I can take?

a.) A: If you really think about it, we are all neurodiverse! Our department’s definition of neurodiversity includes differences in sociability, mood, attention, learning, and other mental functions.

b.) A: Yes, there are! There is this really nifty app called the neurodiversity profiler designed to help you identify and nurture your skills. It is $2.99 in the app store and the Google play store. And the audio is in a cool British accent and the text is written in British English.

c.) A: There are also self-report screening tools, but the Neurodiversity profiler is a really good place to start.

Mental Health Support Q&A

Q: Where can I go to get support for my mental and emotional health on campus?

A: The center for Student Health and Wellness - Mental Health is located in the xx building and has therapists who are there to support you during stressful, anxiety-producing, and/or depressing times. They offer individual and group therapy!

Q: Can I see a therapist long-term @ Student Health and Wellness or will I have to go somewhere else after a certain amount of time?

A: You can see a therapist for 6 months at Student Health and Wellness and then you have to transit to another provider. This could be the Psychological Services Clinic or one of the providers near UConn; there are a few!

Q: Are there any other places I can go to get emotional and mental health support on campus?

A: Yes! The Psychological Services Clinic offers psychotherapy (or therapy for short) and psychological assessments on a sliding-scale based fee.

Navigating CSD and Accommodations

Q: I had academic accommodations in high school, can I still have those in college?

a.) A: Yes, you most certainly can! The Center for Students with Disabilities handles providing and approving both academic and living accommodations. They can also help you with dietary accommodations, if needed!

b.) Their email is: csd@uconn.edu

c.) And there phone number is: (860)-486-2020

Q: How do I apply for academic accommodations? Can anyone go with me?

a.) A: You apply by navigating to the csd website and creating a my access account. Once you have an account with my access you will be paired with a disability service provider who you can reach out to begin the accommodation process.

b.) A: Yes, we are putting together a team of Include mentors who can help encourage and support you through the application process!

Q: What sorts of academic accommodations are there?

A: There are many academic accommodations for different areas in which you may need support. There accommodations for extra time on exams, reduced distractions during exams, extensions on assignments, peer and recorded note-taking options, among many others.

Navigating Academic Supports

Q: Is there anyone I can meet with to help me get on track academically? I’m struggling.

A: Yes! The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) offers walk-ins with academic coaches to learn about you and your academic goals, workshop presentations that get into topics to help you excel as a young adult and as a college student, supplemental instruction in select classes, and mentorship with a trained faculty member, staff member, or student mentor through the UConn Connects initiative. Everything the AAC does is designed to help you excel as a person and student!

Q: What sorts of workshops does the AAC offer?

a.) A: There are workshops on Bouncing Back, Focusing, tips for setting up the semester, dealing with stress and anxiety, learning how to effectively speak with your professors, organizing your emails, learning the basics in Excel and so many more! At one point I think they even offered a workshop on managing your finances! Isn’t that neat!

b.) A: You can also suggest anything you feel like you might need help with to an AAC staff member. If you’re struggling with it, it’s likely other students are as well and a workshop on the topic would be beneficial.

Q: Does the AAC offer any other resources?

a.) A: Yes! They have blank copies of weekly hourly schedules, weekly to-do lists, monthly calendars, semester at a glance, and 5 day study plans available for download on their website, along with sections on time management, note-taking, strategies for deeper learning, exam prep, gpa calculators, and course-specific strategies!
b.) All of this and more can be found on the resource page of their website: https://achieve.uconn.edu/resources/