INCLUDE Leadership

The INCLUDE program team is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff from the
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Neag School of Education,
and the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL).

The project is led by Department Head and Principal Investigator Maria Chrysochoou, Ph.D.
and the educational research efforts are led by Rachael Gabriel, Ph.D.

To learn more about our program, please email

Marisa Chrysochoou, UConn Engineering Professor and Department Head.

Marisa Chrysochoou
Professor, CEE Department Head, Project PI

Professional headshot of Professor Bagtzoglou

Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou
Professor, Co-PI

Peter C. Diplock
Assistant Vice Provost for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Co-PI


Rachael Gabriel
Associate Professor, Neag School of Education, Co-PI

portrait of associate professor, Dr. Arash Zaghi

Arash Zaghi
Associate Professor, Co-PI

Portrait of Connie Syharat. She is a white woman with long, curly brown hair wearing a plum-colored sweater.

Connie Syharat
Research Assistant, Project Manager

portrait of graduate student, caressa wakeman

Caressa Wakeman
INCLUDE Graduate Assistant


I-Team Faculty


Professional headshot of Professor Bagtzoglou


Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou


Dr. Shinae Jang
Associate Professor in Residence

Portrait of Sarira Motaref


Dr. Sarira Motaref
Associate Professor in Residence


Professional Headshot of Professor Christine J. Kirchhoff


Dr. Christine Kirchhoff
Associate Professor

Professional headshot of Professor Baikun Li


Dr. Baikun Li

Portrait of Manish Roy


Dr. Manish Roy
Associate Professor in Residence


Portrait of Alexander Agrios


Dr. Alexander Agrios
Associate Professor

Portrait of Rich Christenson


Dr. Richard Christenson

Portrait of Monika Filipovska


Dr. Monika Filipovska
Assistant Professor

Portrait of Mousumi Roy


Dr. Mousumi Roy
Assistant Professor in Residence

portrait of dr. tim vadas


Dr. Tim Vadas
Associate Professor

Portrait of Guiling Wang


Dr. Guiling Wang

Portrait of Kay Wille


Dr. Kay Wille
Associate Professor

INCLUDE Advisory Board


Jamie Barr
Vice President, Langan Engineering


Dr. Susan Baum
Director, 2e Center for Research and Professional Development


Dr. Daniel Burkey
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Diversity

Photo of Yamila Garcia


Yamila Garcia
Undergraduate Student Representative

Headshot of Md Tarique Hasan Khan Ph.D.


Md Tarique Hasan Khan Ph.D.
INCLUDE Postdoctoral Research Associate


Donna Korbel
Director, UConn Center for Students with Disabilities


Angela Lanning
Graduate Student Representative


Aaron Picking
Undergraduate Student Representative

Professional headshot of Shawn Smith


Shawn Smith
Don't dis-my-ability, Neurodiversity Advocate & Consultant

Professional headshot of Dr. Taddarrayl Starke against grey background


Dr. Taddarrayl M. Starke
Associate Vice Provost, Institute for Student Success

anonymous photo of a grey female avatar


Julia Webb
Neurodiversity Specialist