BRIDGE Program

The INCLUDE project supports an inclusive community
for neurodiverse students within the context of BRIDGE,
a 5-week intensive program for underrepresented students
entering the School of Engineering. As part of this partnership,
INCLUDE provides mentoring and workshops for up to
10 students who self-identify as neurodiverse(such as but
not limited to, those who identify with ADHD, autism, dyslexia,
and anxiety) during the BRIDGE application process.

blue and orange BRIDGE logo

Program participants will benefit from:

  • $2,000 Bridge Fellowship (to cover cost of BRIDGE)
  • Ice cream social at the UConn Dairy Bar
  • Weekly group meetings including:
    • Social activities
    • Games
    • Workshops
    • Roundtable Discussions
  • One-On-One weekly meetings with a graduate student mentor to discuss strengths, challenges, and academic strategies
  • Neurodiversity Strengths Journal
  • Opportunities to build community with other incoming neurodiverse engineering students¬†
  • One outstanding participant will be awarded a $1,000 Neurodiversity in Engineering Scholarship for their upcoming academic year

To learn more about the BRIDGE program and apply click here.