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Discussion Series

Neurodiversity Fall Discussion Series – Shawn Smith Kickoff Lecture

This is a recording of the opening session of the Neurodiversity Fall Discussion Series hosted by the INCLUDE program through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The lecture features special guest Shawn Smith, counselor, neurodiversity consultant, entrepreneur and CEO of Don't Dis-my-ability.

Neurodiversity Fall Discussion Series – NEURODIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE

UConn's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department hosted a discussion of neurodiversity in the workplace, with Shawn Smith of Don't dis-my-ability, Julia Webb of WhiteFox Defense, and Jamie Barr, of Langan Engineering.

Neurodiversity Spring Discussion Series Dyslexia Visualizing Success

The kickoff session of our Neurodiversity Spring Discussion Series features Shawn Smith, licensed psychotherapist, and founder and CEO of Don't dis-my-ability. The session explores how many neurodivergent individuals sense and experience the world in unique ways, including a tendency to empathize deeply and feel strong emotions in the face of difficult situations. Shawn discusses how neurodivergent individuals may need to take specific actions to safeguard their mental health. While this session is aimed at neurodivergent individuals, there are strategies that may be useful for everyone. Breakout rooms are not recorded, and run from approximately the 21 minute mark to the 32 minute mark. Please skip ahead!

Neurodiversity Spring Discussion Series Dyslexia Visualizing Success

In the second session of our Neurodiversity Spring Discussion Series, we talk with Dr. Alexandra Hain and Dr. Arash Zaghi about their personal experiences with dyslexia and how they use their strengths for success in the workplace.

Staff-focused Panel Discussion: Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2021

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